While Indians struggle, Modi busy planning next distraction, reveals Rahul Gandhi

Does Congress leader mean Modi plotting another Pulwama-type false flag operation?

New Delhi, June 27 (KMS): In an apparent reference to the drama of February 2019 Pulwama attack and February 26, 2019 Balakot strike in Pakistan to woo voters for May 2019 elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “mastery” in “entire distraction science”.

Former Congress chief in a tweet hinted at another such false flag operation saying, “While Indians struggle, Modi is busy planning his next distraction. He said the prime minister can’t hide disasters such as an all-time high unemployment rate, a 30-year high wholesale price index and devaluation of Indian currency by such distractions.

Gandhi has been critical of the Modi government’s handling of the economy and has also called on New Delhi to provide jobs to the youth.