President election a step towards resisting BJP govt’s authoritarian policies: Yashwant Sinha

New Delhi, June 27 (KMS): Indian Opposition’s joint presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha has said that the election is much more than a personal contest and is a step towards resisting the authoritarian streak of the BJP-led government.

Yashwant Sinha, in a media interview, said, “This election is more than merely the election of the president of India. This election is a step towards resisting the authoritarian policies of the government. This election is a message to the people of India that there should be resistance to these policies” .

On the Modi-led Indian government nominating Droupadi Murmu, a tribal leader, for the presidential election, Sinha said elevating an individual does not ensure the elevation of the whole community and the BJP’s projection of Murmu was nothing more than political symbolism. “…..The whole community’s elevation depends on the policies followed by the government. Without commenting on it further, I would say that there are various examples in our own history where elevation of one individual in a community has not necessarily helped to pull up that community even by an inch. This is more symbolic and nothing more,” he said.

He further said, “Our democracy, our Constitution are threatened and all values of freedom struggle are under threat…. So India is threatened and they (people) have to rise to protect India”.

“The investigative agencies of the government have never been so blatantly misused for political purposes as today…,” he said, adding, “My victory…will not only take me to Rashtrapati Bhavan, but it will put an end to this mischievous action on the part of the government. I would like to assure all of them who are scared of the government because of the ED, CBI, etc., they will have to wait only until July 18 and if I were to win immediately everything will come to an end and fairness and justice will prevail”.

Sinha maintained, if elected, he would put an immediate end to the misuse of government agencies as a tool to target political opponents and will ensure that justice and fairness prevail.

The Indian presidential election will be held on July 18. Sinha will file his nomination papers on Monday (today). He will launch his campaign from Tuesday.

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