Munich echoes with ‘Modi not welcome’ as he arrives for G-7 summit

Islamabad, June 27 (KMS): As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Munich, Germany, to attend the G-7 summit, his countrymen held a protest demonstration and chanted ‘Modi not Welcome’ and ‘Go Back Modi’ slogans to denounce his government’s policies of Hindu supremacy.

The Indian expatriates living in Germany gathered to protest against their prime minister for pursuing the Hindutva ideology by marginalizing the non-Hindu communities in India.

“Indians in Munich make a bold statement. Sounds of “Modi not welcome in Munich” echo in the historic grounds of Munich, today. Proud moment for standing up to Hindutva’s communal tones,” the International Council of Indian Muslims said on its Twitter handle.

The Council’s social media page also contains the video footage of the protest gathering where the people carried placards inscribed with anti-Modi slogans.

“Modi, this is what you get for spoiling the communal harmony of great India. You have spoiled the name of India – our motherland. The Indians of Germany reject your ultra-nationalist, right-wing Hindutva government. You are nobody here,” said a protester attending the protest demonstration.

The hashtag #ModiNotWelcomeInMunich also trended on Twitter with the people from varying nationalities expressing their reaction towards Narendra Modi’s policies targeting the Indian Muslims as well as other minorities.

This is not the first time that Modi has meted out such treatment abroad.

In May this year too during his visit to Europe, Narendra Modi was received by similar protest demonstrations against international silence on human rights violations and mass atrocities against religious minorities in India. The rights activists associated with The London Story placed empty shoes in front of the Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen.

The protesters hailing from India and other nationalities held banners and placards with slogans such as ‘Modi Not Welcome’, ‘India is close to genocide’ and ‘We don’t let you forget Gujarat 2002.’

In 2015, a large image of Narendra Modi wielding a sword with the words ‘Modi not welcome’ was displayed on the British parliament by Indian activists ahead of his planned visit to the country.

The image which was created by the Awaaz Network also bore the Hindu symbol ‘Om’ which slowly changed into the Nazi Swastika.

In 2019, as Modi addressed the Howdy Modi event at the NRG Stadium in Houston, the protestors outside displayed placards saying ‘Free Kashmir’, ‘8 million people caged’, ‘Go back Modi’ and more.

In September 2021, as Modi visited the United States, scores of Indian Americans gathered in front of the White House to protest against Modi’s visit and chanted “Save India from fascism”.

The netizens also spoke up against Modi’s policies arguing that the chilling effect on the people of Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 had to be reversed.

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