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India’s attempt to present false narrative on IIOJK situation


Srinagar, June 25 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, political experts and analysts have said that India is trying to present a false and misleading narrative on the situation by announcing to hold G20 summit in the territory.

The political experts and analysts in their statements and interviews in Srinagar said Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government’s plan to host G20 meeting in IIOJK is meant to give credence to its false claims of normalcy in the territory.

“BJP led Indian government wants to bolster its normalcy claims by holding next G20 summit in IIOJK. G20 summit in IIOJK is a smokescreen aimed at diverting international attention from massive human rights violations being perpetrated by Indian troops in the territory. Hosting G20 summit in Kashmir is aimed at misleading the world community about the real situation,” they said.

The political experts and analysts maintained that India wants to distort reality about the Kashmiris’ freedom struggle by holding G20 summit in IIOJK. They said the fascist Modi regime wants to tell the world that everything is all right in IIOJK by holding G20 summit in the territory but it will never succeed to hide the reality through such moves.

The political experts and analysts said, “G20 summit in IIOJK means nothing for the oppressed and subjugated Kashmiris. G20 countries must remember that India has illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, which is a disputed territory as per the UN resolutions.”

They said that the G20 countries should press India to allow the Kashmiris to decide their future by themselves. India should allow foreign fact-finding missions including rights groups to IIOJK instead of holding G20 summit in the territory, they added.

Meanwhile, Pasban-e-Hurriyat Chairman Uzair Ahmad Ghazali in a statement in Muzaffarabad said the Indian government’s main purpose behind hosting the G20 summit in the internationally recognized disputed territory is to mislead the world about the real ground situation there. He added that India had illegally occupied the territory and people of Kashmir take India as a usurper.

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