‘Solution to RAW’s anti-Sikh terrorism lies in creation of Khalistan’

Islamabad, June 23 (KMS): An attack claimed by RAW-sponsored Daesh on Gurdwara Karte Parwan in Kabul, Afghanistan, speaks volumes about India’s evil designs against Sikh community who is spearheading a movement for separate homeland, Khalistan, in Indian Punjab.

The attack on Kabul gurdwara had killed at least two people and injured seven others. RAW, analysts believe, is targeting Sikhs around the globe on purpose. Last few months have witnessed arrest of key Sikh leaders including Navjot Singh and target killing of Sikh stars and proponent of farmers’ movement including Sidhu Moosewala.

In 2020, an attack was also carried out at another temple in Kabul that killed 25 and it was also claimed by Daesh.

The analysts say that RAW is targeting innocent Sikhs to make them realize that they are not safe anywhere in the world if they support Khalistan Movement. Intensity of such attack will continue until Sikhs submit to Indian grand design of accepting Brahmin Supremacy and forgo demand of Khalistan Movement.

RAW agents are active in Europe through a smear propaganda campaign to defame Sikhs in US and the West with a view to break momentum of Khalistan Movement.

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has strongly condemned the attack. “Attacks on civilians must cease immediately. UNAMA calls for protection of all minorities in Afghanistan, including Sikhs, Hazaras and Sufis”.

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) head Gurpatwant Singh Pannun condemned the attack “by non-state actors” and urged the Sikh community to support the Khalistan referendum to create a Sikh homeland in “Indian occupied Punjab”.

He maintained, “Once Sikhs have Khalistan, all those involved in non-state and state terrorism against Sikhs will be held accountable under the international laws”.

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