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One-tenth of world’s Muslim population faces genocide: US scholar

Texas (US), June 21 (KMS): American Muslim scholar and civil rights leader, Imam Omar Suleiman, addressed a protest gathering in Dallas, Texas, on the alarming rise of Islamophobia, illegal arrests, and demolition of Muslim homes in India.

Suleiman said, “In India, the Muslims who are threatened with genocide account for one-tenth of the world’s Muslim population.”

It is the responsibility of all Muslims and the people of conscience to stand against this, as genocide affects the whole world order, opined the scholar.

He further condemned those fascist regimes for collectively dehumanizing Muslims. “India and Israel apply the exact same actions of dehumanization. India calls it citizenship act; Israel calls it the Jewish state law”, states Imam.

“If you consider the Israel model, then expect the Palestinian resistance. Expect that spirits to come up. Because we have Razan al-Najjar in Palestine and we have Afreen and Muskaan in India,” he added.

The Muslim leader also criticised the republicans, democrats, Trump, Obama, and Joe Biden as human rights violation enablers, for welcoming Modi, “the butcher of Gujarat”, who was once banned in the country. He extended his solidarity by asking to stand up against tyranny and advocated the crowd to hold the officials accountable.

He said, “We know we are comfortable over here. We know it is very easy for us to raise our voices over here, but we are inspired by those young people that are raising their voices over there and we stand with them.”

The crowd also remembered Mudassir and Sahil, two Muslim youths who were slain in Ranchi after police opened fire to disperse tens of thousands of Muslim protesters.

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