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WKAF hires digital truck to highlight human rights situation in IIOJK

Washington, June 20 (KMS): The World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF) has decided to hire digital advertising trucks in Washington, DC on Wednesday (June 22) demanding the release of Kashmiri leaders and activists Muhammad Yasin Malik, Khurram Pervez and others.

The electronic screens on the trucks will carry messages such as: “Free Yasin Malik”; “Free Khurram Parvez”; “Free all political prisoners in Kashmir.”

“Our aim is to target the policy makers in Washington as well as the passersby to let them know that crimes against humanity are being committed in the so-called largest democracy – India – and the Biden Administration needs to intervene.”

“We also appeal the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights to intervene in the cases of Yasin Malik, Khurram Parvez, Shabbir Shah, Masarrat Aalam Butt, Aasiya Andrabi and others.”

How many more must be jailed in Kashmir for the world powers to open their eyes, the statement asked.

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