Industrialist makes offer to extinguish widespread ‘Agnipath’ protests in India

New Delhi, June 20 (KMS): Amid widespread protests against the Modi regime’s new military recruitment scheme, ‘Agnipath’, industrialist Anand Mahindra has come to rescue the Modi regime by offering the recruited soldiers employment once they are laid off after four years.

Massive protests have broken out across India after New Delhi announced the new scheme under which youngsters in the 17.5 to 21 years age group will be recruited for four years. At some places trains and railway stations were burnt, while railway tracks were blocked with burning pylon.

After four years, 75 per cent of the recruits will be let go off with a sum of about 12 lakh but no pension benefits. The 25 per cent of recruits retained will go on to serve a 15-year tenure.

While veterans have argued that the four-year term may make soldiers risk averse, protesters have cited uncertainty on what they would do after the tenure ends.

Despite the protests, the Modi government has ruled out any plan to roll back the scheme.

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