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DHF demands prosecution, punishment of blasphemer BJP officials

Islamabad, June 11 (KMS): Jammu Kashmir Democratic Hurriyat Front (DHF) while condemning in strong terms the blasphemous remarks against prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the BJP officials has demanded of the Indian government to prosecute and punish the notorious criminals so that no one dares to commit blasphemy against the holy Prophet (PBUH) in future.

In a joint statement the DHF leaders including Altaf Hussain Wani, Nazir Ahmed Mir, Muhammad Ashfaq Barwal, Qazi Muhammad Imran, Manzoor Ahmed Wani, Khalid Shabbir, Nazir Ahmed Karnai and Syed Gulshan Iqbal while voicing their anguish over the incident said, “We want prosecution of all those who made blasphemous remarks against the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Suspension or expulsion from the party is not enough.”

Terming their expulsion from the party as an eye-wash, they said, the racist regime was still shielding these criminal crooks who continue to stoke hate and division to further the party’s Hindutva agenda. Referring to widespread protests, outpouring of anguish and sorrow in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, they said that such wicked and willful provocations had deeply hurt the sentiments of Muslims. They said that it was unfortunate that under Modi, India has become a vengeful nation that seeks pleasure in humiliating Muslims. They warned that the situation could take a dangerous turn if the culprits involved in this heinous crime were not held accountable.

Meanwhile, the DHF leaders while expressing solidarity with the families of martyrs of Chotta Bazaar said that the dreadful massacre continued to bruise the hearts of minds of the Kashmiri whose near and dear ones were brutally killed by the Indian occupation forces on this day in 1991. “More than 30 people including women and children were martyred in the incident but despite the passage of 31 years no serious effort was made to bring culprits to book,” they said, adding that since the a number of massacres have taken place during the ongoing resistance movement but not a single Indian Army officer or even a low rank soldier was held accountable.

“The lack of accountability and impunity enjoyed by the Indian forces under a regime of black laws is the main cause of continued bloodshed and violence in the region,” the DHF leaders said.

Demanding of the international community to redouble its efforts to seek a just and peaceful settlement of the lingering Kashmir dispute, they said that the incidents such as Chotta Bazaar would continue to recur unless the dispute was settled in line with the UN resolutions.

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