Protest rally in Muzaffarabad against BJP officials’ blasphemous statements

Muzaffarabad, June 10 (KMS): A protest rally was held in Muzaffarabad, today, to register protest against Indian ruling Bharatiya Janata Party officials’ blasphemous remarks.

The rally was organized by the Students Wing of Tehreek-e-Shabab-e-Muslimeen Azad Jammu and Kashmir chapter.

Addressing the rally, the speakers said they condemn the insulting and blasphemous statements of the BJP leaders against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They said that these statements have hurt the sentiments of Muslims all over the world.

The speakers called upon the UN and the OIC to work together to thwart the BJP’s Islamophobic acts in India and the genocide of Kashmiris, the arbitrary arrests of Hurriyat leaders and the nefarious aims of turning the Muslim majority into a minority in IIOJK.

The rally was led by the Chairman Students Wing Tehreek-e-Shabab-e-Muslimeen AJK chapter, Riaz Ahmad Awan. It was attended among others by Khateeb Madani Masjid Allama Jalal Din Awan, Qari Lal Din Khan Durrani, Abdullah Khan Durrani, Ishtiaq Ahmad Awan, Pervez Khan Durrani, Jahangir Qureshi, Naveed Ahmed Butt, Atif Mir as well as office bearers of Students Wing Zameer Durrani, Faizullah Durrani, Zubair Shah, Shahid Iqbal Awan, Asif Durrani, Arshad Awan and Imtiaz Awan. KMS—16M

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