Very tough time ahead as hatred is rising, history is being distorted: Justice Abhay Thipsay

Lucknow, June 08 (KMS): Former judge of Bombay High Court Justice Abhay Mahadeo Thipsay has warned that India should brace for even more challenging times ahead with an increased risk of distortion of history and religion to whip up the already charged atmosphere of communal hatred.

Addressing a meet of All India Lawyers Council (AILC), Justice Thipsay underlined the need for prompt action to prevent the country from going to the point of no return.

He called for immediate check on the trend of mythologising history and historizing mythology failing which the next generation would be left to live with weird and bizarre facts.

“In past you were oppressed and persecuted”, this narrative is being propelled by media and certain section of academia to punish certain people. By setting the narrative, some people can get some political benefits, but the society as a whole will face the consequences, he said.

Throwing light on the present situation of India’s judicial system, he said if the victim is weak, nobody takes notice. “It’s very difficult to complain against a powerful person. “AILC will try to intervene in the beginning to ensure justice for those who have no means. If we succeed in this, the criminals will be discouraged,” he said.

On the occasion, former principal of VIVA College of Law Dr Batul Hamid, who came to light after she was forced to resign from the college for wearing hijab, said “the Constitution o India gave us freedom what to wear or not”.

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