Indian police officers torture Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, June 05 (KMS): A 22 years old Muslim youth was inhumanly tortured in a police station in BJP ruled Indian state of Utter Pradesh.

Four Indian police constables and two unidentified persons after inserting a stick into the Muslim youth’s rectum gave him electric shocks in a police station in Bareilly city of the state.

The police arrested him on so-called charge that he was slaughtering a cow.

An Indian analyst Ashok Swain in his tweet said,” Only in India animals have more rights than Muslims”.

“Cops led by sub-inspector Satya Pal, shoved a stick inside my son’s rectum and gave him repeated electric shocks,” says the mother of the survivor, reported Times of India.

Police found that the allegations against the accused police officers were true after considering the medico-legal report and booked them.
SP (city) Praveen Singh Chauhan said: “The allegations against five policemen were found true during a preliminary investigation.”

The survivor who works as part-time vegetable vendor is admitted in a hospital after suffering serious injuries and has been incurring repeated seizures.

“Cops tortured and thrashed my brother-in-law the whole night. After realising that they had picked the wrong person, they gave him Rs 100 and sent him back home after two days. Since then, he has been getting seizures every day. On Friday, his condition deteriorated and we had to rush him to hospital.” said the man’s sister-in-law.

One of the doctors, who examined the victim at the hospital, says “The patient is getting seizures regularly, which means his nervous system is affected, possibly because of a shock. Since the case is under investigation, we can’t provide further details about the medical examination report.”

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