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Kashmiri diaspora in UK protests against Yasin Malik’s conviction

Birmingham, May 21 (KMS): Kashmiri diaspora members have said if seeking independence from the illegal military occupation of India is a crime then the Kashmiris are ready to commit this crime again and again.

Kashmiri diaspora leader, Fahim Kayani, addressing a rally in Birmingham, criticised the fascist Indian court ruling against Kashmiri leader Muhammad Yasin Malik. He said the freedom struggle against Indian occupation is morally correct, legitimate and genuine backed by international law and the UN resolutions.

“The court ruling against esteemed Muhammad Yasin Malik is a vindication of our stand that the Indian judiciary is part of the immoral military regime of India that illegally occupies Jammu and Kashmir,” said Kayani, president of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK who hosted the demonstration in solidarity with Malik and other Kashmiri political prisoners.

Yasin Malik and several other Hurriyat leaders have been illegally detained by India in a jail in New Delhi for the past several years.

“The so-called Indian judiciary has framed charges and convicted Malik, who is a symbol of peaceful struggle against Indian occupation of Kashmir, on fake charges,” Kayani said. “Kashmir neither was nor is part of India, thus, these cases are a mockery on the face of India, its judiciary, its military and civil establishment besides its civil society,” he added.

When the fascist Indian court read its conviction, the TeK leader said, Malik stood tall and confident against these nefarious charges.

“Terrorism-related charges levelled against me are concocted, fabricated and politically motivated,” Malik told the court. “If seeking freedom is a crime, then I am ready to accept this crime and its consequences,” Malik told the judge.

Kayani said that India has used such tactics against Kashmiri resistance leadership in the past but still the aspiration for freedom could not be suppressed.

“Kashmiris take pride in standing for their inalienable right to freedom and right to self-determination,” said Qamar Abbas, president of TeK Birmingham.

“The statement by Excellency Malik is evidence of this fact that nothing, no power can change the minds of Kashmiris who have resolved to stand up and push India out of their homeland i.e. Jammu and Kashmir,” said Qamar, addressing the demonstrations.

Shabir Hussain, member of CEC TeK UK, warned the international community that India might use these fake cases to legalise its illegal occupation. He paid tributes to the Kashmiri political prisoners. “These leaders are our ideals who stand like a wall against Indian military might,” he added.

Kayani also urged the international community to take immediate steps and intervene to save international system which is being brazenly violated by India.

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