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IIOJK in focus

Mushaal fears Yasin Malik next in line to be judicially murdered by India

Urges world powers, UN bodies to raise voice for JKLF chief’s safe release

Islamabad, May 18 (KMS): Mushaal Hussein Mullick, wife of illegally detained Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Yasin Malik, has feared that her husband is next in line to be judicially murdered because he is symbol of Kashmir freedom resistance.

Speaking at a protest demonstration here on Wednesday against the unilateral decision of Indian courts to execute Yasin Malik, she said that India wanted to kill him because he always preferred death instead of living a disgraceful life under Indian subjugation.

The protest demonstration was attended by politicians, civil society activists, lawyers and people from different walk of life to give a clear message to the world that Kashmiris are not alone in this fight to break the shackles of Indian slavery.

Mushaal, who is also Chairperson of the Peace and Culture Organization (PCO), said Indian court declared Yasin Malik guilty in a concocted and politically motivated case filed by India’s notorious National Investigation Agency (NIA) as an act of political vendetta because he refused to accept Indian subjugation.

The PSO Chairperson lamented that death trial against her husband continues as Kashmiris are concerned that he might be hanged or imprisoned for life as the courts would announce its decision against him on Thursday.

She said fascist Modi government wants to crush millions of Kashmiris’ sacrifices as Modi is planning to hang him as was done in case of Muhammad Maqbool Butt and Muhammad Afzal Guru or could give him life imprisonment. “Yasin Malik is battling for life in Indian jail who sacrificed everything for the just Kashmir freedom struggle, as he was never allowed of fair and free trial,” she added. Therefore, she demanded that the international community, human right organizations and UN bodies should raise voice against the unjust, inhuman, immoral and undemocratic attitude of the Indian government and India’s judicial terrorism.

The Hurriyat leader went on to say that the trial is part of a “political vendetta” against the senior Kashmiri leader being carried out at the behest of the Narendra Modi-led Hindutva regime because he is being punished by New Delhi for refusing to toe its line on Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). “India snatched everything from Yasin, his childhood, youth, happiness, peace, wife, daughter, mother, sister, beloved followers, health but they can never kill him because his second name was revolution which is immortal,” she maintained.

Mushaal vowed that the spirit of liberation cannot be suppressed by cruel tactics like trials, executions, torture and imprisonment. She said Yasin Malik is torch-bearer of right to self-determination and would take the mission to its logical conclusion at all costs. However, she urged Pakistani nation and the conscious voices of the world to wake up and raise voice at all forums to avert the expected bloodiest judicial murder of her husband and ensure release of iconic Kashmiri leader from Indian jail.

She said Kashmir freedom struggle has entered into a decisive phase; hence the brutal authorities resorted to such criminal act to silence the most powerful Kashmiri voice to deter people of the valley. However, Mushaal conveyed that keeping Yasin in prison is never going to work for the Indian occupation authorities because he is in the heart of every Kashmiri and the struggle for Kashmir will continue till the realization of the right to self-determination.

Mushaal demanded of the international community, UN bodies and human right activists to impress upon India to stop its atrocities in IIOJK and let the Kashmiri people decide their future by themselves.

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