Posters appear on social media, demand release of Yasin Malik

Islamabad, May 16 (KMS): Posters have appeared on social media with pictures of illegally detained Muhammad Yasin Malik demanding his release.

The posters with pictures of Yasin Malik read: “Indian illegal occupation authorities used all brutal means and inhuman tactics to silence Yasin Malik’s voice but they miserably failed in their nefarious designs.”

The posters read, “Yasin Malik is torch-bearer of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination and he will take his mission to its logical conclusion, come what may.”

“Yasin Malik’s mother is fast deteriorating with each passing day due to her long separation from her son as the brutal occupation authorities have not allowed him to be with her for over two years,” the posters further read.

The posters say, “Yasin Malik remained a target of the BJP. The main reason is Yasin Malik’s ongoing peaceful struggle for Kashmir’s sovereignty and the role of his party. The cases against Yasin Malik are a political vendetta.”

The posters conveyed a message to India that the Kashmiris will never surrender for their just demand for their right to self-determination.

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