Karnataka woman lawyer kicked, slapped on busy road for complaining against BJP leader

New Delhi, May 16 (KMS): Marred by growing intolerance at the hands of Hindutva forces, Modi’s India has become so unsafe for vulnerable sections of the society that even women lawyers are not spared and they are kicked, slapped and abused on busy roads and streets in any part of the country without any reason.

In one such latest incident, a video making rounds on social media shows a man abusing a female advocate in Karnataka state of India. In the video, a neighbour of advocate Sangeeta Shikkeri, Mahantesh Cholachagudda, is seen attacking her.

Even though her husband begged people for assistance, no one came to her rescue, a report by Deccan Herald said.

Sangeeta said the attack was motivated by a complaint she had made against Bagalkot BJP General Secretary Raju Naikar for harassing her over a property dispute.

Police have arrested Mahantesh on charges of assaulting the woman.

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