APHC asks India to keep education out of hatred-based politics

Srinagar, May 16 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, APHC leadership has strongly condemned the Modi government’s directive asking students from the territory not to take admission in educational institutions in Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The APHC in a statement issued in Srinagar commenting on the Indian advisory banning Kashmiri students from pursuing higher education abroad particularly in Pakistan urged the Indian authorities to keep education out of ambit of politics of hatred and stop playing with the professional and academic careers of the Kashmiri students. It termed the ban a deliberate move to keep Kashmiris ignorant.

The BJP government, the statement added, said was punishing Kashmiri students by denying them the opportunity to travel to Pakistan as it portrays every Kashmiri visiting the country either to pursue education or see their relatives as a threat. Kashmiri Muslims, it said, were being victimized for their firm support to the ongoing struggle for right to self-determination.

Meanwhile, the APHC leaders and parties including Jameel Ahmad, Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League and Jammu Kashmir Muslim League in their statements issued in Srinagar said, students in every part of the world have all the rights to choose what school or professional and academic college to go to and why. But when it comes to Kashmir, it is all together a different story. Even education here is driven by repressive politics and outrageous directives by the Indian government and its agencies.

They also urged the Kashmiris to forge greater unity to take forward the ongoing freedom movement in a more effective manner.

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