Karnataka Congress to protest against move to bring Ordinance on Anti-Conversion Bill

Bengaluru, May 14 (KMS): A day after the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party government in the Indian state of Karnataka announced that it would bring Anti-Conversion Law into force by promulgating an ordinance, the state Congress announced that it would launch ‘Jan Andolan (people’s agitation) against it.

Opposition leader Siddaramaiah said the ruling BJP government, which stands exposed in terms of corruption and maladministration, is all set to implement the Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2021 to divert the attention of the people.

Siddaramaiah had appealed to the Governor to reject the Anti-Conversion Bill, saying that the law “was brought by the ruling BJP only with an intention to threaten minorities and harass them.”

“The present law is sufficient to prevent the forcible religious conversions and also to deal with religious conversions through allurements. Our law is capable of stopping conversion that is forced through incentives and threats. Then what is the need for the new law? The only reason is to threaten and harass the minorities,” he said.

“This is the political agenda of RSS. True Hindus practice harmony and universal brotherhood, and will reject communal politics of BJP. We see constant attacks on minorities whenever BJP comes to power. People of Karnataka are ashamed of this government,” Siddaramaiah maintained.

He said, the constitution allows individuals to freely convert to the religion they want and there is also a law to prevent conversions and there are police and courts to enforce this. So does this mean that BJP has no confidence in the institutions? Siddaramaiah questioned.

“The Congress will never allow the misuse of The Karnataka Protection of Rights to Freedom of Religion. Our party will firmly stand with each brother belonging to the minority community, those who are threatened by the government. The party will launch a Jan Andolan’ against the proposed bill,” he added.

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