APHC, others denounce Modi’s wicked agenda to close doors of education on Kashmiri students

Srinagar, May 11 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, APHC leadership, student unions and other organizations have strongly condemned the imposition of ban on Kashmiri students to travel to Pakistan for pursuing higher education.

The APHC leadership in a statement termed the notification issued by the Indian government in this regard as a conspiracy to keep Kashmiris backward and uneducated so that they could not be able to raise voice against Indian exploitation and oppression.

The leadership said that Kashmiris are not only denied education in IIOJK and inside India but are also denied opportunities to travel abroad to pursue higher education.

This is a well-thought out conspiracy to deprive Kashmiris of the government and private jobs, the leadership added. It said that the Kashmiri Muslims employees are terminated from the government departments with the evil intentions to replace and accommodate non-Kashmiri Hindus and change the demography of Muslim dominated Kashmir.

The leadership said that large scale unemployment in IIOJK is causing depression among the Kashmiri youth. It maintained that India is not only brutalizing the Kashmiris for demanding their inalienable right to self-determination but is also busy in economic exploitation of Kashmiri Muslims as well as banning their studies to punish them for raising voice and demanding their basic rights.

Stating that Kashmiris have been deprived of all basic rights, the leadership impressed upon the UN and other international institutions to take cognisance of the situation and pressurize India to shun inhuman practices in IIOJK.

Jammu and Kashmir People’s League, Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League, Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, APHC leader Khawaja Firdous and Jammu and Kashmir Falah Party Vice Chairman Dr Akhtar Rasool in their statements in Srinagar said the Narendra Modi’s fascist Indian government was pursuing anti-Kashmiri agenda including the one aimed at destroying the future of Kashmiri students.

The statements said India, on one hand, has closed doors for higher education on Kashmiri students in Pakistan, while on the other, those Kashmiri students who enroll in Indian colleges and universities for education have to face the onslaught of Hindutva extremists. He said that Modi government wants to impose Indian Hindu officers on Kashmiris by keeping them behind in the field of education. They said that non-acceptance of credentials of educational institutions of Pakistan is another sign of Indian bigotry and arrogance. Besides, they added the move is also a violation of international law on the right to education.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Pasban-e-Hurriyat, Uzair Ahmad Ghazali, in a statement issued I Muzaffarabad condemned the merciless killing of Kashmiri youth by Indian troops in IIOJK. He said the massacre of unarmed Kashmiri youth by the troops on a daily basis is an organized genocide and planned conspiracy to change the demographic composition of the territory.

“Narendra Modi and his ruthless gang have imposed war on the unarmed Kashmiri people and the occupied territory has been practically turned into a prison where millions of people are living in the shadow of fear, terror and oppression,” he added.

Uziar Ghazali appealed to the United Nations to take steps for peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute for establishing permanent peace in the region.