Germany, Denmark and France urged to denounce Modi’s support to state terrorism in Kashmir

Indian premier’s Europe trip chance to hold him accountable, says Kayani

London, May 01 (KMS): The upcoming visit by fascist Narendra Modi to European countries from Monday is an opportune time for these nations to question the Indian premier about its war crimes in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

This was stated by Fahim Kayani, president of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK in a statement in London.

He said, “While the host nations should have avoided inviting Narendra Modi at a time when his occupying forces are persecuting Kashmiris, yet it is an opportunity for the leadership of these European nations to step up their vigil and ask Modi very hard questions.”

Modi will be on an official visit to Germany, Denmark and France from May 2 to 4.
Kayani said these European nations have been the forerunners of upholding human rights “but now is the time to muster courage and ask Modi why India is scuttling any move to hold UN-granted plebiscite in IIOJK.”

“The leadership of these nations will do a service to humanity by forcing Modi to halt military operations against Kashmiris, release all prisoners and create environment to hold plebiscite so that people in IIoJK can decide their political fate,” Kayani said.

Germany, Denmark and France are three influential countries, said Kayani, “it is not just their moral right to uphold human rights but international obligation to force India to implement international resolutions on IIoJK.”

The Kashmiri diasporae leader said India is witnessing a slow genocide of its Muslim community. “The reception that these nations will grant to Modi is akin to rubbing salt on wounds of the Indian Muslim community,” he said, urging Germany, Denmark and France to strongly condemn in public Modi’s complicit support to state terror inflicted on Kashmiris and Indian Muslims.

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