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Bloomberg raises question over export of India’s ‘kernal bunt’ affected wheat

New York, April 21 (KMS): Bloomberg, a privately held financial, software, data, and media company, has raised a question over India’s capability to fill the global wheat export gap left by the war in Ukraine.

According to Kashmir Media Service, a report by Pratik Parija and Abdel Latif Wahba published carried by Bloomberg, headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York, stated that although Indian wheat has become competitive for the first time in years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “quality issues have prompted some buyers to be cautious of Indian wheat because of impurities in the grain.”

Describing quality, it said it “determines whether the grain is suitable for making food like bread and noodles, or for animal feed.”

“Grains have to undergo cleaning to separate impurities like dust, sand and stones. In India, that process is generally done manually. Cases of Karnal bunt disease — which reduces flour quality and makes the grain unsuitable for human consumption — as well as the overuse of pesticides in some regions also dimmed the appeal of Indian wheat in the past.” KMS—12K

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