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IIOJK in focus

Indian Army resorts to heinous order of playing anthem in IIOJK holy places

Khadim Hussain salutes Kashmiris for defying order

Srinagar, April 18 (KMS): Modi-led fascist Indian government has stooped so low that it has started blatantly violating the sanctity of Muslim holy places like masjids, imambargahs and shrine in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In utter violation of international norms and respect to religious symbols, the Indian army, at the behest of the Hinutva regime led by Narendra Modi, has heinously ordered the residents of Sonim and Gadkad, two areas of Baramulla district, to play Indian national anthem in mosques and imambargahs.

The evil order angered the locals, prompting them to lodge a strong protest against the Indian army and the BJP’s fascist government. The locals while refusing to comply with the atrocious order termed it as a blatant inference in the religious matters and violation of sanctity of holy places.

APHC leader Khadim Hussain while reacting to the sad development said that the fascist Bharatiya Janata Party government in India has crossed all limits to carry forward its Hindutva agenda in the Muslim-majority occupied Jammu and Kashmir and is hell-bent on undermining the sanctity of mosques, Imambargahs, shrines and other holy places.

Khadim Hussain, while saluting the religious sentiments of the Kashmiris said the BJP government could never intimidate the Kashmiris through such tactics. He said the BJP wants to paint Jammu and Kashmir Hindutva by bulldozing the Islamic civilization and culture but it would never succeed in its nefarious designs.

He said the freedom spirit among Kashmiris is strong and they want to achieve it at all costs.

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