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Two Muslim boys arrested in Uttar Pradesh

Bareilly (India): April 15 (KMS): Two Muslim boys were detained in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, for “listening to Pakistani songs” at their shop after a complaint by a local resident.

The cousins, aged 16 and 17, were booked and detained by the police. The teenagers run a grocery store in Singhai Murwan, Bareilly district.

The media quoted local residents saying that the songs praised the neighbouring country and it did not go down well with the complainant, who approached the police, seeking the duo’s arrest. A video of the boys listening to the songs, which was recorded surreptitiously by the complainant, soon went viral on social media.

Their cousin, who requested that he not be named, told the media that they played the songs without realising the consequences.

According to the family, the two were picked up at 5:00pm on Wednesday and were detained by police the whole night at the Bhuta police station.

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