‘Pick up weapons against Muslims’, hate speeches now at Burari, India

New Delhi, April 04 (KMS): Hindutva priest Yati Narsingha Nand, in his yet another provocative speech, has called on followers of Hinutva ideology to pick up weapons against Muslims in India.

Yati Narsingha Nand, who is out on bail for delivering Haridwar hate speeches made another fiery speech at a Hindu Panchayat in Burari, Delhi.

At Hindu Mahapanchayat organized in Delhi, Yati Narsingha Nand asked Hindus to pick up weapons against Muslims.

The head priest of the Dasna Devi temple stoked yet another controversy with his comment that “50 per cent of Hindus will convert” in 20 years if a Muslim became prime minister of India.

He also exhorted Hindus to take up arms to fight for their “existence”. Several other Hindu supremacist leaders also attended the event.

The Mahapanchayat was organised at Burari ground in New Delhi by the same group which had earlier held similar controversial events in Haridwar and at Jantar Mantar, where anti-Muslim slogans were raised.

“This will be the future of the Hindus. If you want to avoid this future, then become a man and take up arms,” Narsingha Nand is seen saying in a video of the Mahapanchayat which is being circulated on social media. KMS-6R

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