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APHCIIOJK in focus

Nayeem Khan condemns termination of 5 Kashmiri govt employees in IIOJK

Srinagar, April 03 (KMS): Illegally detained senior APHC leader, Nayeem Ahmed Khan has strongly condemned the termination of five Kashmiri government employees in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Nayeem Ahmed Khan in a message from infamous Tihar Jail, New Delhi, said that the authoritarian move was part of India’s settler colonialism policy to strangulate Kashmiris economically and deprive them of their livelihoods.

“Economic strangulation of Kashmiris has since long been a part of India’s systematic settler colonialism campaign in the territory that includes illegal confiscations, dispossession, forced evictions, demolition of the civilian properties and disempowering indigenous people,” he added.

He said this vicious campaign, aimed at marginalizing the majority community in Kashmir, has gained momentum since the Modi government abrogated Article 370 and 35-A on 5th August 2019. Since then, Khan said, dozens of Kashmiris have been dismissed from their jobs on trumped-up charges while on the other hand the apartheid regime has opened flood-gates of employment for non-state subjects.

Nayeem Ahmed Khan said that a deliberate attempt to suspend Kashmiri government employees from their rightful jobs was a dangerous game plan to minimize the role of Kashmiris in the civil administration.

Terming it as a deep-rooted conspiracy against the indigenous population, he said, “Settler-colonialism drive has been initiated under the garb of the newly introduced domicile law to replace the indigenous population with a new society of settlers”. The redefinition of the law, he said, had formally paved the way for outsiders to get settled in the territory permanently besides enabling them to be the claimants of the already existing jobs in IIOJK.

Urging the world human rights organisations to take effective notice of the matter, Nayeem Khan said that the amendments made to the domicile and other laws were meant to push forward and implement the right wing Hindu extremist parties’ agenda of effecting demographic change and disempowering the people of the occupied territory.

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