BJP Govt in Karnataka most corrupt in India: Rahul Gandhi

Bengaluru, April 02 (KMS): Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, has termed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the Indian state of Karnataka as the most corrupt in the country.

Addressing a party meeting in Bengaluru, Rahul Gandhi said, if Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes to Karnataka and talks about corruption, people will think it’s a joke. He said the allegation is not being made by the Congress but the contractors who are complaining about it.

“Modi earlier used to talk about corruption wherever he went. Now, if he says that he is fighting for corruption, the people will not believe as the BJP government is demanding 40 per cent commission from the contractors in the state,” he added.

The former Congress President described the ruling BJP government as not a legitimate one. He said, “It’s not legitimately elected. The government is made using money power.”

“There is the issue of unemployment before Karnataka and the country. The economy has collapsed. GST, demonetisation and farm bills have destroyed the economy. They have cast a death spell on smaller and medium businesses,” he said.

Even if BJP wants, he said, it can’t provide employment to youth now. “It (BJP) is taking away money and rights of the poor and giving it to a few industrialists. BJP wants to create fights between religions and castes,” the Congress leader said.

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