Muslim girl student arrested for ‘wishing Pakistan Day’

Bengaluru, March 28 (KMS): A Muslim girl student was arrested in Karnataka’s Bagalkot district for allegedly wishing people on Pakistan Day.

The woman, identified as Kuthma Sheikh, is a resident of Mudhol town and a student at a local madrasa.

The police department said the message posted by Kuthma Sheikh read: “May God bless every nation with peace, unity and harmony”. Sheikh was released on bail a day later, with a police officer telling the media that the arrest was made to “maintain peace and law and order”.

Sheikh, a Mudhol resident, is a senior student at a Madrassa. Her arrest came after a person named Arun Kumar Bhajantri, who the police said is an [Hindutva] activist, lodged a complaint stating “she was creating enmity between two communities by posting wishes on Pakistan’s Republic day”.

Police registered a case started investigation.

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