Dalit forced to rub nose on temple floor for FB post on ‘The Kashmir Files’

New Delhi, March 26 (KMS): In yet another incident of hate crime, Hindutva goons made a Dalit, Rajesh Kumar Meghwal, to rub his nose on the floor of a temple in Rajasthan’s Alwar district as a punishment.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Meghwal’s “crime” was the comments he dared to make over ‘The Kashmir Files’ in his Facebook post.

Some members of the Hindu community belonging to the upper castes, ostensibly Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters, found his Facebook comments offensive, hence they punished him.

The poor Dalit was found guilty by a kangaroo court held in the temple premises on two counts. Firstly, the film is supported by the BJP had no deterrent on him. Secondly, he allegedly “committed a sacrilege” by equating Pandits with Dalits.

The incident occurred under Behror Police Station. A video of the same went viral in which the victim, Meghwal, is purportedly seen rubbing his nose in a temple under pressure from the people present there.

Rajesh Kumar Meghwal, who works in a private bank, had reportedly criticised the controversial movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ on Facebook.

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