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Islamophobia is state-sponsored by India in IIOJK: Fahim Kayani

London, March 17 (KMS): The resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly to observe March 15 every year as International Day to Combat Islamophobia is a welcome step as the menace is a reality.

This was stated by Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK chief, Fahim Kayani. A strategy is the need of the hour to counter Islamophobia, he stressed.

Lauding Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, for his efforts to raise awareness in this regard, Kayani, said, “Islamophobia is not rampant only in the western world but it is also state-sponsored by India in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.”

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has led huge campaign to inform the world that our religion Islam is a religion of peace,” he added.

The adoption of the resolution against islamophobia is the result of Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s efforts, he said.

“What is now important is that UN along with the OIC should prepare a strategy to counter Islamophobia and make Islamophobic acts punishable under international law,” he suggested.

Slamming the fascist regime in India, Kayani said Islamophobia is state-sponsored in IIOJK. “It is not mere colonization of Kashmir, but India has imposed an Islamophobic regime in the territory,” he said.

“Almost all police and civil administrators posted in the occupied territory are radical Hindu supremacists who are engaged in demographic terrorism,” he said.

The Kashmiri leader urged the UN to hold India accountable. “India cannot be given a venue for escape,” he said.

“The resolution against Islamophobia is one more weapon against India’s war crimes in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. If we use it well, we can free innocent people from India’s fascist designs,” he said.

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