Hijab ban: Tamil Nadu College students protest against Karnataka Court’s ruling

New Delhi, March 17 (KMS): College students in Indian state of Tamil Nadu’s Chennai protested the Karnataka High Court verdict on the wearing of hijabs in schools and colleges of the state.

The court had dismissed petitions challenging the state’s ban on hijabs in a contentious February 5 circular on the subject of uniforms and dress codes. The court ruled that the hijab ‘is not an essential part of Islam’.

Dozens of students from the city’s The New College sat peacefully in protest, holding placards to drive their point home. One placard read ‘fight against cultural genocide’ and ‘we support hijab’.

Earlier, Karnataka High Court Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi read out the verdict that said: “We are of the considered opinion that wearing of a hijab by Muslim women does not form part of the essential religious practice in the Islamic faith.”

The three-member bench also said that students could not object to the ‘prescription of a school uniform – which is a reasonable restriction’.

Standing against the court’s ruling, students from the Udupi college where the protests first began will approach the Supreme Court against the verdict, Anas Tanwir, a top court advocate tweeted. “Moving to SC soon, Insha Allah. These girls will continue their education while exercising their rights to wear Hijab. These girls have not lost hope…”