Hindutva men push, hug and forcibly kiss women in full public view in MP, India

Bhopal, March 14 (KMS): In a brazen act of sexual violence against women in India, Hindutva members in their twenties pushed and hugged women walking on a crowded street and trying to kiss them forcibly amid shouting by the onlookers in full public view in Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh, the other day.

Instead of saving the victim women from the Hindutva gang’s assault, the spectators filmed the scene and posted it on social media, police said.

“We have detained the man who made the video and another one who made it viral. Besides, we have arrested three accused who were seen misbehaving with women,” Alirajpur Superintendent of Police Manoj Singh told the media.

Efforts, he added, are on to arrest three to four more persons who were involved in harassing women and instigated the others.

The video showed some men, who appeared to be in their 20s, pushing and hugging some women walking on a crowded street and trying to kiss them forcibly amid shouting by other men. At least two men involved in the act were seen wearing saffron towels. As per eyewitnesses, the molesters were politically affiliated.

The incident occurred two days back in the Wallpur area of Alirajpur district, 392 km from Bhopal.

“Yes, we have detained the man who shot this video and another who made it viral on Saturday,” another police officer said.

Some locals from Alirajpur said this video was shot on Friday. The miscreants were visiting Wallpur to participate in ‘Bhagoriya’, a tribal festival when the incident occurred.

In another incident, a heated argument over a night-cricket match among boys turned ugly when a 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death by a youth in Maheshwar town of MP. The accused had bought the knife from an online e-commerce platform.