NDTV’s anchor cheers Delhi girl for calling out teacher’s fake post slandering Muslims

New Delhi, February 22 (KMS): A Hindu girl won accolades from one and all for taking on her teacher for sharing a fake video with mala fide intent to slander Muslim community. Her daring act came to light after the prominent NDTV anchor, Ravish Kumar, shared her account in a blog on the website.

The video, which surfaced on social media a few days back, showed a boy holding a knife to the throat of a girl and slashing her in front of her family in full public view after she turned down his proposal. The incident took place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

According to Kumar, the teacher had shared the video with a mischievous caption, ‘The Boy is a Muslim and is trying to kill the girl because she is refusing to convert to Islam.’

“Jaago (wake up) Hindu, it’s time to be united. We have to save the future of our children,” Kumar read out the provocative text message from its screenshot.

A number of social media posts and WhatsApp groups wrongly claimed that the boy is a Muslim who killed the girl for refusing to accept Islam. Subsequently, several media reports carried clarification from the police that both the boy and the girl belonged to the same community (Gujarati Patel). The boy’s name, according to reports, is Fenil Goyani.

Back in the Delhi, a school teacher, according to Kumar’s blog, has since apologised.

“At some point later, the principal of the school weighed in on the teacher’s message: A mistake has been made, it will not happen again.”

The school girl had approached the NDTV anchor with the text asking, “I’m seeking ur (your) intervention.”

But Kumar says even if the teacher had apologised and she could be afforded one chance, it should be ascertained if she or any other teacher has made any communal messages or references in classrooms and groups in the past.

Through his message, he asked the teacher to stay away from people who spread hate even if it’s your husband.

“A person who hates others so much, cannot love you either. These students are your children. Hold them close to your heart whether they are Hindu, Muslim or any other religion,” he wrote.

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