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Twitter removes BJP post with cartoon depicting Muslims being hanged

Ahmadabad, February 21 (KMS): The social networking site, Twitter, has removed a caricature posted by the BJP Gujarat unit on its Instagram account wherein it hailed the special court’s verdict sentencing 38 Muslims in the 2008 Ahmadabad blasts case to death. In the caricature, the BJP has depicted the Muslims being hanged while tied to a single rope.

“The post on the 2008 serial blasts verdict has been removed by Twitter after someone reported against it,” Gujarat BJP spokesperson Yagnesh Dave said, adding that the tweet was in response to the court’s judgment.

The cartoon depicted men wearing skull caps hanging by the noose. It had a tricolour and a drawing depicting the scene of a bomb blast in the background, with “Satyamev Jayate” written on its top right corner.

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