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58 Muslim students wearing head scarf/ hijab suspended in Karnataka

Bengaluru, February 20, (KMS): As many as 58 students were suspended for refusing to remove their head scarf/hijab and staged a demonstration against the college administration at Shiralakoppa in southern Indian state Karnatka.

Tension also prevailed in Belagavi, Yadgir, Bellary, Chitradurgam and Shiamogga districts of the state when students, wearing hijab, demanded entry in the classrooms.

At least 58 female students from a college in Karnataka’s Shivamogga district were reportedly suspended on Saturday for wearing head scarf/hijab and also staging an agitation demanding that they should be allowed to attend classes.

The students were from Government Pre-University College of Shiralakoppa.

Meanwhile, tension also prevailed in Belagavi, Yadgir, Bellary, Chitradurgam and Shiamogga districts when students wearing head scarf/ hijab demanded entry into the classrooms.

While the administration of Vijay Para-Medical College in Belagavi has declared a holiday for an indefinite period due to the protests, students of the SJVP College in Harihara boycotted classes after being denied entry to classrooms for hearing head scarf/ hijab.

The students also gathered in the playground of the Ballary Saraladevi College after they were turned out from classes. They refused to speak to the police and in turn asked not to be disturbed.

In Kodagu, students staged a protest holding placards before the gate of the college.

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