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Mysore college allows students to wear hijab

Mysore (Karnataka, India), February 19 (KMS): While the High Court has banned the wearing of religious symbols by students in the classrooms of any college in the Indian state of Karnataka, the uniform rule for private college students in Mysore has been repealed and Muslim students have been allowed to wear the Hijab.

The Mysore College has for the first time allowed the Muslim students to wear the hijab as the hijab controversy in Karnataka has been raging for the past few weeks. The historic private college in Mysore has taken this decision and allowed students to wear the hijab.

Karnataka is witnessing protests by Muslim students after the administration of Pew colleges in Udupi district barred the Muslim girl students wearing hijab to attend classes in January, this year. Udupi District College students have filed a case in the Karnataka High Court against the ban on hijab. The Karnataka High Court, which heard the case, issued an interim order “that religious attire should not be worn in schools and colleges until the trial is over.”

Meanwhile, at a college in Tumkur, police registered a first information report against 20 students for protesting against the wearing of hijab by 144 students and for violating the section 144 orders.

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