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Manmohan attacks Modi for ‘fake nationalist and divisive policies’

New Delhi, February 17 (KMS): Former Indian Prime Minister and senior Congress leader Manmohan Singh has severely criticized the country’s incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi for advancing ‘fake nationalist and divisive policies’.

Manmohan Singh in a video message released, today, said, “People today are being divided. This government’s fake nationalism is hollow and dangerous. Their nationalism is based on the British policy of divide and rule. Constitutional institutions are being weakened.”

The former prime minister said, there is selfishness and greed in the government’s economic policy. “For their selfish interest they are dividing people and making them fight,” he added. Manmohan Singh’s scathing comments came ahead of Punjab election on Sunday.

He pointed out that on one hand, people are facing problems of inflation and unemployment, while on the other, the present government, in power for the last seven and a half years, rather than admitting its mistakes and rectifying them, is still blaming first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for people’s problems.

Manmohan Singh also said that the Narendra Modi-led Indian regime was trying to suppress developments that are taking place at the Line of Actual Control.

“They (BJP-led government) have no understanding of economic policy. The issue is not limited to the nation. This government has also failed on foreign policy. China is sitting at our border and efforts are being made to suppress it,” Manmohan Singh said.

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