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BJP leader says those not voting for Yogi will be bulldozed in UP

Lucknow, February 16 (KMS): The true face of the BJP was unveiled on Tuesday, when the party MLA from Hyderabad, T Raja Singh, spoke of how bulldozers were being requisitioned in Uttar Pradesh to mow down people who did not support the BJP in the ongoing elections.

T Raja Singh said that the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has already brought thousands of bulldozers to take action against the identified traitors, who did not support BJP during the Assembly elections.

In a short video, T Raja Singh said, “I want to make it clear to those traitors, who don’t want Yogi to become the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. Yogi will identify them after the elections and they must know for what bulldozers will be used. They must say Yogi… Yogi… or else they have to run from Uttar Pradesh.”

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