Dalits face systematic oppression and violence in India

Islamabad, February 14 (KMS): Dalits face systematic oppression and violence in India and are considered untouchables under India’s caste system. Dalits have been victims of Hindu caste system for centuries and India is still divided by its shameful caste system even in this modern era, said a report released, today, by Kashmir Media Service.
It said incidents of bigotry and violence against Dalits is a daily affair in India but heinous crimes against them by upper caste Hindus often go unpunished. It said that Dalit women were frequently paraded naked, beaten and raped with impunity by upper caste Hindus.
The report revealed that incidence of violence against Dalits has climbed significantly since fascist Modi’s ascension to power and have witnessed systematic marginalization in Modi’s regime.
It report said Dalit women are subjected to sexual assaults more often than others in Modi’s India and are forced to perform most menial and degrading jobs across India
It deplored that assaults carried out against Dalits are often ignored by police and media in India and said that it was time for world to rescue Dalits from persecution of upper caste Hindus.

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