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IIOJK in focus

Demo in Shopian against hijab ban in Karnataka

Srinagar, February 12 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, a peaceful protest was held in Shopian against the hijab ban faced by Muslim students in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Scores of people including men, women and even girls took part in the protest. The protesters were holding placards in support of hijab and against the Hindutva men who hackled and harassed a Muslim girl for wearing head scarf at a college in Karnataka.

The demonstrators said that there should be no interference in religious affairs in any part of India or the world.

“When we aren’t asking anyone to wear this and that attire, then why our Muslim sisters are being forced to remove head scarves, which are a vital part of their faith as well as their fundamental right,” said a protesting youth.

A girl at the protest said that covering one’s body and hair is part of religion and they will not shun it even if forced to do so. “We will wear hijab till our last breath and as it is a vital part of our religion, we will lay down our life for it,” she said while addressing the protesters and media persons.

Another youth said that if the authorities did not allow the practicing of religious affairs, then they will hit the streets.

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