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Students in Hyderabad stage protests in support of Hijab

Hyderabad, February 10 (KMS): Students from Nizamia Unani Tibbi College and Anwarul Uloom College in Hyderabad staged a protest in solidarity with the students opposing ban on hijab in educational institutions in southern Indian state of Karnataka.

The burqa-clad girl students holding placards condemned the attempts to target girl students in the neighbouring state. “Hijab is the constitutional right of Muslim women and no one can snatch it from us. We support Hijab,” reads a banner.

‘Hijab is my right and it is my pride’, ‘I respect what you wear, you should respect what I wear’ and ‘Judge me by what is in my head, not by what on my hand’ read some of the placards. ‘What my hijab has to do with my education,’ asked another.

“Hijab has nothing to do with education. We have right to education but some people are trying to deny us that right by raking up this issue,” said a student.

A huge protest rally was held at Anwarul Uloom College at Mallepally in the city. Large number of male and female students participated in the protest raising slogans of ‘Allah-o-Akbar’ and ‘We want justice’.

The protesters were carrying a banner in support of sisters in Karnataka. It carried pictures of students protesting in Karnataka including a picture of Muskan Khan, who has become a symbol of resistance against ban on hijab after standing bravely to some Hindu activists heckling her at a college in Karnataka. KMS-12R

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