Sikh communities in US to celebrate Jan 30 as “Victory Day” every year

Fresno, California, February 07 (KMS): Following the success of the peasant movement, the entire American Sikh community in Fresno, US, will celebrate January 30 as “Victory Day every year.

After a year-long fight against those agricultural laws, protestors made the fascist Indian government and Prime Minister reconsider their decision that cost more than 700 lives.

Apart from the Indian community, the government officials from various departments of the United have also expressed their commitment to support the entire Sikh community at all times.

The Mayor of Fresno, Jerry Dyer had said: “You will never see the Indian government ever underestimate the resilience and the unity of the Sikh people or the farmers in India.” Jerry Dyer has been supporting the movement since the beginning.

Manwinder Singh Grewal, who is a Jakara Movement volunteer, expressing his gratitude, had said, “It feels good. It was a year long struggle and a lot of lives were lost. It wasn’t easy but it was the result and the will of the people who were there on the streets every single day.”

“Not only the Indian community but all the Sikh Americans. Everybody around the world, especially our congressmen, our supervisors, our mayors, whoever is supporting us along the way. We’re here thanking them,” Grewal had said.

In 2020, the Indian Government passed three laws affecting agriculture, hurting farmers in the country and in the Unites States.

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