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Kashmir Solidarity Day observed in Turkey

Ankara, February 06 (KMS): The embassy of Pakistan organised an event to commemorate Kashmir Solidarity Day in Ankara.

“Kashmiris will prevail in the fight for their legitimate rights and see the dawn of freedom one day,” Pakistan’s ambassador to Turkiye Syrus Sajjad Qazi said.

“In any contest between force and love for freedom, perseverance and love for freedom will always win. Struggle for freedom is a baton that one generation passes onto the next. One day Kashmir will see the dawn of freedom,” the ambassador said.

“Pakistanis will stand with them until they get their right of self-determination. We know that India has not succeeded for 75 years. It may try this for the next 75 years, but it will not succeed.”

Kashmiris and Pakistanis around the world observe Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 every year to extend moral support to people in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The Pakistani envoy said Kashmir Solidarity Day serves as a “stark reminder of the broken promises and unfulfilled commitments made to the Kashmiri people by India for holding a plebiscite when it took the matter for the first time to the UN in January 1948.”

“If only the UN Security Council resolutions had been implemented, we would all have been spared this tragedy,” he added.

On Jan. 5, 1949, following a full-scale war between Pakistan and India in 1948, the UN Security Council pledged that an UN-supervised plebiscite would be held to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, but the exercise was never carried out.

The event also included an exhibition of pictures meant to show the treatment of Kashmiris by Indian forces, including a photo of the infamous April 2017 incident when a Kashmiri man was tied to an Indian army vehicle as a human shield.

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