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Solidarity Day observance aimed at highlighting Indian brutalities in IIOJK


Islamabad, February 05 (KMS): Pakistan observes Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 every year to express its moral, political and diplomatic support to the struggling Kashmiris and to reaffirm its support to their indigenous freedom movement.

The purpose of the observance of the day is to highlight the Kashmiris’ sufferings and Indian brutalities on the innocent people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and to remind the world of its obligations to resolve the Kashmir dispute, said a report released by the KMS, today.

It said Pakistan has always stood like a rock behind the Kashmiris’ just cause and will support the Kashmiri people till they achieved freedom from India. Pakistanis consider it their national duty to support the oppressed people of IIOJK, it added.

The report said Pakistan has been raising the voice for the struggling Kashmiris for over seven decades and its unwavering solidarity is a morale-booster for the Kashmiri people. It maintained that Kashmir and Pakistan are one in religion, civilization and culture and nobody can damage the oneness of Pakistanis and Kashmiris as hearts of Pakistanis and Kashmiris throb in unison.

The report said Pakistan’s love has remained the moving spirit behind Kashmiris’ freedom struggle as Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir and no power on earth can stop IIOJK to become a part of Pakistan. It said Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of the partition of the subcontinent, adding Modi-led fascist Indian government’s 5th August 2019 illegal actions have vindicated the Two-Nation Theory.

The report said Kashmir’s freedom from India is imperative for the accomplishment of objectives of Pakistan Movement and the world must support the Kashmiris in their fight against fascist India as it is time for the international community to raise its voice in favour of the besieged Kashmiris.

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