Angry Sikhs will go for ‘Rail Roko’ protest in Delhi, tomorrow, against girl’s rape


New Delhi, February 03 (KMS): Entire India under Narendra Modi including its capital New Delhi has become ‘Rapindia’ due to high risk of gang-rape against women, particularly from minority communities.

One such incident took place a few days ago when a Sikh girl was abducted, gang-raped, tortured and forcibly paraded by Hindu extremists in the streets Indian capital, New Delhi.

The victim Sikh girl who is in her 20s was brutally slapped and kicked amid clap and cheer. The attack continues for several minutes as the woman pleads for mercy, her body crouched and hands folded. Then, she was dragged out of the house and paraded in the narrow lanes of the neighbourhood, with a garland of discarded slippers hung around her neck. What is more agonizing a crowd of people watched the assault, the video of which is making rounds on social media.

Angered by the incident, Sikhs are planning to stage a ‘Rail Roko’ protest in New Delhi, tomorrow, February 4. Call for the protest has been given by the US-based organization, Sikhs for Justice, which supports a separate Sikh state, Khalistan, in India.

Sikhs for Justice chief Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in an emotional video message for Sikh community members inside India and abroad said that the issue has become Sikhs-versus Hindus now. He asked the Sikhs in India to hold forceful protests, tomorrow, to convey to the world that Sikhs are slaves in India and they want a separate homeland for themselves in Punjab, India.

‘The solution is only Khalistan’, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said and deplored that a Hindu crowd raped the Sikh girl amid clapping and chopping her hair. He warned that today Sikh in India are facing a 1984 like genocidal situation while the Hindu government is silent. “To open the Modi government’s eyes, Sikhs will have to hold ‘Rail Roko’ protest in New Delhi on Friday,” he added.

It is worth mentioning here that rape and molestation cases rose by 20% in rape capital New Delhi in 2021, which is a challenge to the civilized world.

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