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Pakistan's Support to Kashmir

Pakistan rejects India’s claim of so-called credible disarmament record

Islamabad, January 28 (KMS): Pakistan has rejected India’s claims about its so-called credible disarmament record, saying New Delhi is solely responsible for pioneering nuclear proliferation in South Asia that escalated tensions in the region and beyond.

Pakistan’s First Secretary at the UN Mission in Geneva, Muhammad Omar, told the Conference on Disarmament that India dealt a death blow to non-proliferation norms by conducting its first nuclear test in 1974 and then additional nuclear tests in 1998. He said India has violated the UN Charter and never accepted nor implemented over a dozen resolutions of the UN Security Council on illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The Pakistani delegate said India has launched the world’s largest disinformation campaign against Pakistan to deflect global attention from its criminal human rights record.

He pointed out that global independent observers and institutions have documented India’s grave and systematic rights abuses against minorities in the country and in IIOJK. KMS—20M

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