New fascist, new Nazist India under Modi threat to entire world, warns Canada based campaigner

Ottawa, January 26 (KMS): Tazeem Hasan, Campaign Manager at Justice for All, Canada, has warned that India has become a fascist country under Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party government, which is publicly calling for the genocide of the Muslims.

Tazeem Hasan in a video message in Albert, Canada, said that the Hindutva leaders calling for genocide of the Muslims in public meetings have been given impunity by the Modi government.

She said that Justice for All, Canada, is seriously concerned about the silence of the West over such calls by the Hindutva leaders in India. “We are going to see multiple genocides in India— genocide through legislation, fake news network, hate mongering and intolerance towards minorities,” she said.

Tazeem Hasan said that majoritarianism, which is based on religious extremism and anti-minority sentiments in India, is the biggest threat to democracy, which the experts call new fascism and new Nazism that ultimately leads to genocide.

“Nowhere in the world persecution of minorities is as brutal as in India,” she said and added that since BJP came into power, incidents like mob lynching, arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances of the minority leaders have increased in the country.

She warned that if democracy fails in India, it will have far-reaching repercussions for the entire world. She pointed out that there is no rule of law for, at least, minorities in India under the Modi-led BJP government. She cited Citizen Amendment Act, forced conversion and online auction of Muslim women as anti-Muslim steps.

Tazeem Hasan said that Christians are attacked, Sikhs are called terrorists and Dalits are raped and thrashed in India. “This is something which must be a cause of concern for every citizen in the world,” she said.

She deplored that West while ignoring the Hindutva threat has allowed its leaders to not only work freely in the western countries, but also supported by the governments like the United States.