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Battle for UP: This village says no to BJP leaders

Shamli, (Uttar Pradesh, India), January 25 (KMS): The after-effects of the farmers’ agitation have yet not worn off. In the Shamli district, of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, villagers are opposing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), leaders and workers and preventing them from campaigning.

In Lion village, the local residents have put up a notice on their gates and doors saying that only Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) people are allowed. “BJP people are not welcome”, the notice reads.

People are angry with the local BJP MLA Tejinder Nerwal.

“This MLA has not come here even once after being elected five years ago. Even during the farmers’ agitation, he never bothered to talk to us. Why should we vote for someone who only comes once in five years?” asks Radhey Shyam Tyagi, a local farmer.

He said that the RLD workers were welcome because they had been regularly visiting the village and assuring the local people of their support during the year-long agitation.

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