Kayani seeks attention to Genocide Watch warning on India

London, January 24 (KMS): Raja Fahim Kayani, President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK has said that it is only a matter of time when India will be held accountable for its war crimes in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and atrocities against its minorities in India.

Fahim Kayani in a statement in London said, “India may yet try to portray herself as so-called democratic nation because of its vast human resource and soft power spread across the globe but we are witnessing as how this mask is being taken down by people of conscience.” He was referring to warning issued by Genocide Watch President Gregory Stanton.

Kayani recalled Stanton had already warned that India has crossed all stages of genocide in IIOJK. “What is world waiting for? To see mass murder of innocent Kashmiris,” he asked.

“India had until now succeeded to hide its real basis as a nation which is based on hate against Muslims and all those non-Hindus who seek to live according to their own faith,” said Kayani. He said it is India’s people in academic, think tanks and media who have been propagating so-called secular and democratic face of the country.

“The truth is that at the turn of every decade since 1947, one or the other anti-Muslim pogrom has happened in India but because of this vast propaganda machinery of India, based in every capital, New Delhi has been able to sidestep such important questions that highly violate human rights and international law,” Kayani said.

He said the violation of UN resolutions on Kashmir and denial of right to self-determination to people of Jammu and Kashmir by India is biggest violation by any international standard.

“without any shame, India is enabling disinformation and using its vast media empire to criminalize any voice that seeks to hold India accountable for violating universal fundamental rights,” he added

The Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK president also lauded UK-based Stoke White and Pakistan-based Legal Forum for Kashmir to launch a lawsuit against Indian Home Minister and Indian army chief.

“The UK government must take notice of such crimes, as evidence filed by the law firms show, and take immediate action to put Indian embassy on notice and arrest any Indian official related to these war crimes,” Kayani said.