Modi fumbles as teleprompter hangs up at WEF address

Islamabad, January 18 (KMS): Interesting situation developed when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s teleprompter refused to respond during his address to the World Economic Forum on Monday, leaving him groping for words.

Narendra Modi had just started boasting about the so-called capabilities of Indian citizens and when uttered words “the temperament of we Indians … the talent of we Indians”, the teleprompter hung up and the Indian premier started rotating his eyes in search of the technician in helplessness.

It seemed the speech Narendra Modi was mimicking from the teleprompter suddenly disappeared due to a fault leaving the prime minister in a lurch. “.. Theek say s..un…s..unai d..ay raha hai (Are you listening properly]” Nervous Modi could hardly mince a few words.

There was a silence for a while and then the host came to rescue Prime Minister Modi by initiating conversation for himself.