Indian spy agencies planning false flag operation to malign Pakistan, Sikhs

Islamabad, January 18 (KMS): Indian intelligence agencies at the behest of ruling Hindutva government in India are planning a false flag operation on the 75th Republic Day celebrations of the country to malign Pakistan, Muslims and Sikhs.

A report compiled by Kashmir Media Service mentioned the so-called security alert raised by Indian security agencies wherein they have issued a warning about a possible attack on bigwigs attending the Republic Day on January 26.

The KMS report quoting the reported nine-page intelligence being described as a threat to PM Narendra Modi and celebrities attending India’s 75th Republic Day celebrations said that New Delhi, in fact, is masterminding a Pulwama like drama to unleash propaganda against Pakistan, Muslims and Sikhs.

Besides Muslim organizations, the Indian intelligence agencies are blaming Khalistani groups for mobilizing cadres to spread terror and planning targeted attacks in Punjab and other Indian states.

The report cautioned that Indian agencies could themselves target the public gatherings, important institutions and crowded areas even with drone strikes to carry forward the malicious agenda against Muslims and Sikhs inside India and Pakistan outside.